pakea packaging

PAKEA designs and manufactures paper and composite canisters production lines and equipment able to meet a large range of specifications and production capacities.

PAKEA’s solutions are precision machines designed for mid to high speeds, for highly repeatable and reliable manufacturing with low operating and maintenance costs. Low scrap rate and quick size changeovers contribute to economical and versatile production.

PAKEA product line includes:

  • Canisters bodies makers using multi-layer laminating process to produce round or non-round, semi-rigid to rigid, low to high barrier properties paper and composite canisters.
  • Top or bottom canisters closing machines for pre- or post-filling closures, including paper ends, plastic or metal lids, peelable or recessed membranes, NeoPAK« paper closure and finishing solutions.

Thanks to its dedicated engineering and project management team, PAKEA is an equipment and turnkey solutions supplier.